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Privacy Policy


SPAICE is a new ESA-sponsored conference focusing on AI in and for space. The SPAICE conference committee (“the Committee” below) strives to ensure the highest level of protection of personal data and implements appropriate measures to preserve the rights of data subjects. Specifically, personal data is only used for specified and legitimate purposes, as necessary for organising the conference and reviewing the submissions for the purpose of selecting the most suitable papers and compiling the proceedings. This will be done in conditions protecting confidentiality, integrity and safety of personal data and generally to implement the principles set forth in the PDP Framework.

Principles of Personal Data Protection (PDP).

This form is intended to inform you, as a data subject, about:

the identity of the data controller;
the type of personal data which is collected and processed;
the modalities of collection of personal data;
the purpose of the collection and processing;
the recipients (if any) to whom the personal data of the data subject shall be disclosed;
the time limits for storing the personal data;
the practical modalities of exercising the rights of the data subject under the PDP Framework.

This form also enables the Committee to obtain your consent relating to the collection and further processing of your personal data, under the PDP ramework.

(1) Who is the Data Controller?

Your personal data are collected and further processed by the Committee.

(2) What kind of personal data about you are collected and further processed?

The personal data which may be collected and further processed for the purposes mentioned below are in particular:

  • Title (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Mx)
  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Affiliation
  • Country of affiliated institution
  • Website of your affiliated institution (optional)
  • Main scientific areas which your submission is applicable to
  • An expression of your interest to submit an extended paper for the special issue that will be prepared
  • Your originality statement
  • Your consent to this Privacy Policy
  • Your submitted paper

You are required not to send to the Committee any sensitive information, including (but not limited to) information that indicates, directly or indirectly, your ethnic origin, political opinions, adhesion to unions, parties etc., health situation, sexual orientation.

(3) How are your personal data collected or further processed?

Your personal data will be collected via the paper submission form. Any information you provide us with will be stored in a safe and secure location. Your details are held in a password-protected account for the purpose of sending you updates about the progress of the review process and notifications about the conference.

(4) Why are your personal data collected and further processed?

Your personal data are collected and further processed: to enable the Committee to communicate with you regarding the conference; to manage the process of reviewing your paper submission;

(5) To whom might we disclose your personal data?

The Committee may disclose your personal data to any of the following third party recipients for the fulfilment of all or part of the purposes for collecting your data as mentioned in (4):

  • Members of the SPAICE scientific committee;
  • Members of the paper review committee;
  • Members of the SPAICE organising committee;

Notably, the Committee does not consider your personal data as an asset for sale and does not sell or otherwise provide your personal data to any third parties.

(6) How long do we retain your personal data for?

The Committee may keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the above mentioned purposes. Your Personal Data shall be deleted thereafter.

(7) How can you erase, rectify, complete or amend your personal data?

You may request the erasure, rectification, completion or amendment of your personal data if they are inaccurate or incomplete, if you object to the purposes for which they are collected and processed, or if they are processed in violation with the principles referred in PDP framework.

If you choose to make a request for the erasure of personal data, you understand and agree that you will not receive newsletter updates, event invitations and notifications.

You may also be allowed access to your personal data and have the possibility to erase, rectify, complete or amend it. In case of a data protection incident, you should contact the Committee.

In case you wish to submit a complaint, you will be required to demonstrate that a data protection incident occurred in relation to your personal data, following a decision of the Committee or at least to justify serious reasons to believe that such incident occurred.

The abovementioned request should be submitted to the Committee, as first point of contact, by sending an email to: [first name].[last name]

Open Science

We strongly support open science practices and therefore conference proceedings will be made publicly available under CC-BY-4.0, e.g., on the conference webpage. Authors of accepted papers retain the copyright of their work and are free to use it in follow-up publications. We further encourage authors to share their accepted publications on pre-print servers such as arXiv with a reference to the SPAICE conference.