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What it is

The “un”conference is a special session that breaks up the standard format of a typical conference. Instead of talks and posters that have been prepared in advance, the sessions of the unconference will be proposed and decided during the conference. It is a spontanoeus format fostering networking, discussions, and brainstorming – giving full control to the conference participants to decide which topics to debate. Hence, no preparation is required.

How it works

During the first day of the conference, every participant will be able to

  • propose topics / sessions by adding a small sticker with a brief description to a whiteboard.
  • signal interest in proposed topics / sessions by making a mark on stickers.

During the second day (when the unconference takes place), the organisers will select the sessions / topics that have raised the highest interest and draft them into the program. The participants who proposed the selected sessions will be in charge of chairing and moderating them, with help from the organising and scientific committee.